Molten ($MOL): A Fair-Launch Deflationary Token With A Perpetual Liquidity Meta-Market-Making Mechanism

Molten (MOL) is a new fair-launch deflationary token that employs an auto-liquidity-pooling meta-market-making mechanism.

We know that probably sounds confusing, so here’s what it means:

Perpetual Liquidity Mechanism

Every time someone buys or sells $MOL, 5% of of the transaction is automatically added to the $MOL/ETH liquidity pool. The mechanism does this by selling half of the tax for ETH and automatically creating a new LP token, which is then locked into the contract.

Although these locked LP tokens cannot be accessed by anyone (including the contract owner), they will be manually burned at daily intervals to further ensure the safety of the protocol.

This automated LP creation mechanism guarantees perpetual baseline token liquidity, which will continue to grow as more trades are executed.

This perpetual liquidity mechanism was originally part of Heavens Gate ($HATE) which was then improved upon by Liquid ($LIQ). Now we’ve improved upon the code even further by adding anti-whale and anti-bot measures and making the supply deflationary.

True Fair Launch

To prevent any one person or group from holding the majority of the $MOL supply, we’ve employed a maximum transaction limit of 500 $MOL per tx.

This stops bots and whales from sniping the listing during the launch and scooping up a large portion of the supply for pennies on the dollar.

In addition, trading will be paused by default when $MOL is listed. This helps counter bots who immediately buy every listing upon the liquidity add event. Once trading is unpaused shortly afterwards, everyone will have a fair chance to buy.

This is important because if you look at the $LIQ transaction history, you’ll see the first 5 people people were able to buy up to 40% of the supply for less than 1 ETH combined.

The team will bootstrap the project with 5ETH of initial liquidity, which will be locked via Unicrypt for a week. That’s when the liquidity locked inside the contract is expected to snowball to a sufficient amount.

Deflationary Supply

In addition to liming transactions to prevent centralized distribution, we’ve also added an additional burn feature that sends 1% of every transaction to the 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead burn wallet.

This slowly decreases the supply of $MOL over time, making it more scarce and leaving holders with a more valuable asset .

$MOL Token Economics

  • Total supply: 10,000 MOL

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