The Molten Volcano has finally erupted and LAVA is gushing out.

(That’s right, the 2nd token in the Molten ecosystem is LAVA and not MAGMA. Again, we used a working name to prevent scammers and bots).

You can now stake your $MOL to earn $LAVA.

And you can stake your $LAVA to earn $LAVA-ETH LP rewards generated by the auto-liquidity-adding protocol.

How to Stake Your $MOL to Earn $LAVA

  1. To stake, visit

Note: When Metamask pops up, it may show a really high gas limit. Most of the time, you won’t use anywhere close to this amount of gas, so the amount you pay to stake/unstake is a lot less.

However, due to the auto-liquidity-generating protocol, some transactions will cost higher gas.

How to Buy $LAVA on Uniswap

You can also buy $LAVA directly from Uniswap here:

Additionally, the maximum buy amount for $LAVA has been reduced to 125 per transaction during the first day of the launch. Again, the idea here is to prevent whales and bots from buying too much and manipulating the price.

$LAVA Tokenomics

  • Total fixed supply: 5,000 $LAVA

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