How To Stake $MOL & $LAVA Directly Through Etherscan

The following article is from Molten community member ALTCoin. They were kind enough to create a helpful guide on how to stake directly through Etherscan instead of the web UI. As of right now, we are working to get our site back up from the DDOS attack, and have created a temporary staking UI available here.

This information is extremely useful to know as a DeFi trader/investor because it allows you to access your tokens even when the UI is down.

Recently, our website has been subject to extortionist DDOS attacks, rendering many users from being unable to access the staking page due to temporary outages in service.

While we work to implement mitigation measures, we want to reassure everyone that your funds are safe and secure in our pool contracts which are stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Even if our staking page is unavailable, you can interact directly with our contracts using Etherscan to approve, stake, claim and unstake.

Disclaimer: Mistakes made when interacting with contracts directly can be costly as blockchain transactions are irreversible. If you are not fully comfortable with the technical instructions below, it is HIGHLY recommended to wait for the UI to be back online. The Molten team is not liable for any loss of funds due to individual mistakes.

Determine which pool contract you wish to manage and access it via the following links.

MOL Pool:

Lava Pool:

In order to write to the contract, you have to connect your metamask wallet to perform an action like claim, stake, unstake etc.. Accessing the contract by click “ connect to Web3” and connect to your metamask wallet where you store your MOL or Lava — The red dot will become the green dot once you connect.

Figure 1: Connect to Web2

Once you connect to your wallet, you can claim, stake, unstake your rewards. The following precedure will apply or either contract listed above.

To claim your reward:

just click 1 and then click 2 to confirm. See figure 2

Figure 2: Claim rewards

To stake your tokens:

Make sure you enter your token in wei unit (add 18 0’s). You cannot use eth unit. First enter the unit in box 1, then copy the result in box 2 to the box 6 in smart contract. Example: if you have 5.5 MOL, then you enter 5500000000000000000 into box 6 as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3: Enter Wei value into Smart Contract

To Unstake all

You just click Box 7 ( Unstake) and follow the instruction as shown in figure 4

Figure 4: Unstake All

To Query your reward and your total stake

Mol contract: Https://

Lava contract:

* Make sure “read contract” shown on top, then go down to Number 8.

* fill out your eth address

  • click query

Molten Links:

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