What is the LAVARY?

The Lavary is a weekly lottery in which fellow Molten enthusiasts can submit tickets for a chance to win a grand prize rewarded in $LAVA.

How does it work?

The following article is from Molten community member ALTCoin. They were kind enough to create a helpful guide on how to stake directly through Etherscan instead of the web UI. As of right now, we are working to get our site back up from the DDOS attack, and have created a temporary staking UI available here.

This information is extremely useful to know as a DeFi trader/investor because it allows you to access your tokens even when the UI is down.

Recently, our website has been subject to extortionist DDOS attacks, rendering many users from being unable to access the…

The Molten Volcano has finally erupted and LAVA is gushing out.

(That’s right, the 2nd token in the Molten ecosystem is LAVA and not MAGMA. Again, we used a working name to prevent scammers and bots).

You can now stake your $MOL to earn $LAVA.

And you can stake your $LAVA to earn $LAVA-ETH LP rewards generated by the auto-liquidity-adding protocol.

How to Stake Your $MOL to Earn $LAVA

Note: When Metamask pops up…

The Molten Volcano is almost ready to erupt any day now.

This article will prep you on the details of how staking will work, the $MAGMA token launch details and its tokenomics.

If you aren’t already familiar with the dual $MOL staking, then read this article explaining the Molten ecosystem.

(Again, remember that $MAGMA is just a work-in-progress name to defend against bots and scammers. The actual token name will likely be different.)

Stake $MOL To Earn $MAGMA

Once $MAGMA launches, you’ll be able to stake your $MOL to earn $MAGMA directly through the staking app (available on the homepage of our website soon).


$MOL staking is almost here

The Rise of the Volcano

Two weeks have now passed since Molten erupted onto the scene — starting with a successful stealth launch that saw more than half a million USD in trading volume over the opening day.

With every trade, Molten’s liquidity protocol has been generating and locking ever-increasing amounts of MOL-ETH LP into the Volcano.

As of the time of the writing, Molten has over $92,209 of locked liquidity, the majority of which is locked permanently inside of the contract (our “Volcano”).

Coupled with our deflationary token burn mechanism (10% of supply already burned), Molten has witnessed a rapidly increasing price floor and…

Molten (MOL) is a new fair-launch deflationary token that employs an auto-liquidity-pooling meta-market-making mechanism.

We know that probably sounds confusing, so here’s what it means:

Perpetual Liquidity Mechanism

Every time someone buys or sells $MOL, 5% of of the transaction is automatically added to the $MOL/ETH liquidity pool. The mechanism does this by selling half of the tax for ETH and automatically creating a new LP token, which is then locked into the contract.

Although these locked LP tokens cannot be accessed by anyone (including the contract owner), they will be manually burned at daily intervals to further ensure the safety of the…

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